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Nissan Vanette History
Vanette HistoryThe Nissan Sunny / Nissan Vanette is a small car manufactured by Nissan of Japan. It was launched in 1966 as the Datsun 1000 and although production in Japan ended in 2004, it remains in production today for the African and American markets. In the US, the later models were known as the Nissan Sentra; in Mexico, the Sunny is known as the Nissan Tsuru.

The Sunny fit neatly into Nissan model line. It was larger than the supermini Nissan March (Micra) models, but not as big as the compact Bluebird or Stanza models. The latest versions of the Sunny were larger than the early models, and may be considered compact cars. Earlier versions (through at least the B11 series) were subcompact cars. All Sunnys through the 1982 model year (except as noted below) used Nissan A engine motors.

Since the beginning of production this model had body types MV&1Box and .

T-VPJC22, S-VUJNC221991
Q-KUJNC22, Q-KUC22, T-VPJC22, S-VUJNC221990
Q-KUJNC22, Q-KUS22, T-VPJC22, S-VUJNC221989

1992 - 1991 - 1990 - 1989
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